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Sengex drives the advancement of cyber security technology with specialized focus in the protection of mobile-based communications. Sengex mitigate the risk of data loss of proprietary information end-to-end from the physical mobile device to the services they connect to.

Sengex is a turnkey and action-oriented solutions provider. Our best practices approach assures we meet our government, healthcare and commercial customer’s requirements through analysis, validation and implementation.

The Sengex portfolio of value-added solutions and services address the needs for improved security of highly-sensitive data passed within a network, while in parallel protect it from outside attack.

Sengex technologies, products, and services.

mddbutton Wireless Intrusion and Mobile security solutions that allow you to become situational aware of all mobile devices within your facility or enterprise.
dronebutton Early warning drone detection for the mitigation and removal of drone threats on government and correctional institutions.
it security button Transformational solution that secures data within or across networks by employing an innovative cloaking technique
sccbutton Cloud security solutions enable users and cloud service providers to assure that information transferred and stored in cloud environments is protected from risk by means of next-generation security technologies
sentry button Sengex’s BitSafe Sentry Service provides confidence that sensitive locations are safe from unauthorized wireless devices accessing their facility and networks.
luabutton Secure unified messaging solution that fosters enhanced workforce collaboration without risk to internal and external security and regulations.
ecobut3 Industry’s first and only unified WiFi and cellular monitoring and management platform that gives users complete end-to-end control of mobile devices within their facilities.

Professional Services

The Sengex solutions/system integration team has extensive experience in data security implementations. Levering our partnerships with state-of-the art security technology providers, along with our vast knowledge base in Operating Systems (OS), IT networking, IT security, and database management, Sengex has the technical and business value expertise necessary to implement creative mobile, cloud and network solutions for all your information information protection needs. Our turn-key consulting and implementation services consists of a three pillar approach. Utilizing a proven evaluation process that results in recommendation, demonstration, and implementation of the best technology that meets our customers specific security requirements and business demands. Regardless if your security needs is for minimizing internal threat, protection of stored confidential information, LAN/WAN protection, or reduced risk of cyber attacks, Sengex has the people, process, and products for all your data protection needs. Data security threats are everywhere, let Sengex how you how to protect the data that is the lifeline of your operations.

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